Tired of Talk or Behavioral Therapy? Sick of being Stuck?

Have you already been in psychotherapy, and found that talk and behavioral therapy haven’t worked for you? You may find that the creativity and connectedness, the client centered approach, the very soul of Heart Centered Psychotherapy will help you where others haven’t.

You may be very much aware that your personal suffering is not only within you, but is related to the suffering of others, and might even be connected to that of the planet. Perhaps the religion in which you were raised no longer satisfies, and you have found no worthy substitute. Maybe you are an atheist, but still have a vague longing for connection.

Feeling Disconnected?

Do you sometimes feel disconnected from yourself,  feelings, family, community, culture, the religion of your upbringing, even your Higher Power?  Do you therefore feel despairing, cynical, depressed, lost, suffering, lonely, overwhelmed, anxious, afraid, or uncomfortable in your own skin?


It is in our basic nature to be whole, healthy, and connected to the deepest source of wisdom. Some call that source divinity, some call it God, but whatever its name, without having it in our lives we are in despair.

For many reasons, the events of our lives sometimes tend to separate us from that wisdom, that health and freedom and joy, that peace and connectedness. Heart Centered Psychotherapy is about reconnecting to that place, the center of the heart, the portal to spirit.

Co-Create Your Therapy

Do you want to be empowered by, and to co-create your therapy with your therapist?  Do you want to be more self-aware? Heart Centered Psychotherapy gives you access to the greatest expert on you… yourself.