Credentials:  EMDR II, EFT Adv., Reiki II

Author of “Self-Care”, published by Spring Hill Press

I have been a psychotherapist for 45+ years. I’m skilled in many approaches, both ancient and modern. I love what I do, and am told that I’m very good at it, and that I have often been helpful when other therapists have failed.

Freud said that a therapist cannot take her clients deeper than she herself has gone. I face my own issues, so as to be clear, compassionate and without judgement. This powerful work is grounded in reality. …And it WORKS.

I have been an activist all my life. I love being an agent of change. I love witnessing lives changing for the better. When, during the civil rights, feminist and anti-war movements in the 60s, I realized that I couldn’t directly see the results of all my work, I realized that, in addition to “macro-politics,” I wanted to have an effect on a face-to-face community, where I could have a visible effect. That was when I decided to become a psychotherapist.

Many years ago, although I had already spent a few years in “talking” psychotherapy, I still was feeling stuck, depressed, unhappy, unproductive. In short, therapy wasn’t helping me. Already a therapist myself, I was seeking something that would help not just me, but my clients as well.

It was through this hunt for a better way to heal myself and others that I discovered a combination of therapies called “Opening the Heart.” In the workshops and trainings that followed this discovery, I learned a particular combination of therapies.

With this workshop as the basis, I, along with colleagues, developed workshops for different populations, including couples, women, men, trauma survivors, adult children of alcoholics, people who love too much, couples in which one member (or both) survived childhood trauma, and others.

Gradually, as my work as a psychotherapist evolved along the same lines, I found other methods that were compatible, and I incorporated these in my work with individuals, couples and groups.

I became happier, more peaceful, more content, freer, and so did my clients. I learned and taught some important lessons. I am still learning, and still teaching.