Post Traumatic Stress

I have been seeing therapists for a long time, due to Post Traumatic Stress. I found Judith’s website online, and decided to try working with her, as she has a lot of experience (over 45 years) and lots of training (both traditional and non-traditional). She is skilled, wise, creative and kind. She teaches tools I can bring home to help myself.  I have never before changed so much for the better.


Weight Loss

I bid on a visit at a silent auction and thought that maybe one or two visits – and presto, I would find a new way to lose weight.  It wasn’t even halfway through the first visit that I cried.  The grief from my father’s death 40 years ago just welled up and came right to the surface.  It was so fresh like it had just happened.  The pain, hidden and covered, was still raw.  You helped me find that grieving 10-year old girl inside myself, and comfort “her” sorrow.  You helped me get through that stumbling block.  I have not lost all the weight yet, but I am on my way. More important, I have come to find some rest inside.  You brought many perspectives.  The Buddhist, the Unitarian, the peace-loving – just the right amount of mind and spirit.  I am a woman of faith, and through my spiritual practices believe in the connectedness of the psyche, heart and mind.  Your touched and woke some of that up for me.



I worked with Judith Weiler for two years following the end of a 30 year marriage.  I use the words “worked with” to emphasize the empowerment I experienced in these sessions.  I needed a lot of help getting out of victim mode.  Her joy, love and wisdom and spirit are with me still.  It has not been easy for me to learn who to trust and when, given a lifetime of victimization.  From the first session I knew myself to be in a safe, strong and productive place to heal.  I am forever grateful.

Childhood Trauma

My early years were very difficult. I was scared a lot of the time, and I learned to cope by hiding, by becoming invisible. That way I escaped being a target of my father’s wrath. This way of coping remained with me. I would habitually “hide,” or “check out” as an adult, even in seemingly simple conversations. With Judith’s wise and patient help, I have learned to notice when I am hiding, to have compassion for myself and for the fact that I needed to hide – that I still would “space out” if I was stressed. She taught me to invite myself back out again. This way I can choose more often to try new alternatives, like confidence and empathy. I needed someone to model these things for me, as Judith did. As a child I developed an active mind. Now, thanks to Judith’s help, I also have an active heart, and a better appreciation of the spirit that unites us all. My therapy with Judith has changed my life. It has empowered me to make major changes in my life, notably to find the life partner, the work, and the family I had been wanting.

An Amazing Therapist

Judith is simply an amazing therapist. Her warmth and intelligence and her extensive knowledge of many forms of therapy help her to find what is exactly right for her client.
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